The Really Tricky Stuff - chant propers
The Propers!!!
If you've ever followed the Mass in a Missal, you may have noticed little bits like the Entrance Antiphon, Communion Antiphon or Introit, Gradual, Alleluia, Offertory and Communio. These are called the Propers of the Mass and they are meant to be sung. They have particular Gregorian chant tunes which everyone is supposed to use unless this is impossible, then they can be simplified.
If you can sing the Propers, then I want to hear from you! Contact [email protected].
In years gone by we have taken the simple way of psalm toning the propers, which seems a bit of a shame.
The Gradual for Monday - Friday has the same beginning each day (Haec Dies). I've opted to psalm tone the rest of each Gradual. In the Pew Books I added a common Mode 8 Alleluia, so I've set all the Alleluias to a Mode 8 Psalm tone. Another short cut is that the Introit for Friday and Saturday is the same.
I've made a playlist in Youtube: with the propers for Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Remember we also sing Victimae Paschali Laudes each Mass - see Special Easter Chants.
I've added in an excerpt from Fr Samuel Weber's simple Gradual with English propers for Wednesday and Thursday, though I'm not sure how these will go. They are from America and we use different translations for some things here.
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