Special Easter Chants

Victimae Paschali Laudes

This is the Golden Sequence sung each day of the Easter Octave in the Old Latin Mass.
Patterns in the Easter Sequence
Corpus Christi Watershed
Here's a breakdown of the structure of the piece
Here's a rather echo-y recording alternating between ladies and mens voices:

Haec Dies

This piece is sort of the responsorial psalm equivalent for the Old Latin Mass for Easter Week.
It's the first really melismatic piece I ever learned - so proud :) The tricky bit is not running out of breath for that last syllable.

Veni Creator Spiritus

This is the Hymn for the Holy Spirit - in case of Confirmations, or just because we need the Holy Spirit All The Time!

Regina Caeli

The Easter Marian Antiphon - there are 4 special chant antiphons to Mary for different parts of the Church's year.
Here's another sung by older voices